Print from Our Chromebooks

Step one: Log into your Google account.

You must be logged in, or log in to, to a Google account first for this to work.

Step Two: Add the printer to your Google Cloud Print printers. Choose one of the links below:

Goodnow Reference/Wireless Printer (Upstairs)

Goodnow Children’s Wireless Printer (Downstairs)

When prompted, click the Add Printer button as shown below:







Once you add a printer to your Google account, you can Cloud Print to these printers.

If you have and use multiple Google accounts, please remember which account you used to add the printer to, or add the printer to all of the accounts. The printer will be associated with the Google login you used, so in order to printer you have to be logged into that Google account. Once you do this you will be ready to print to the installed printers.

How to Print with Cloud Print

Unfortunately you cannot simply click File Print from your application software and print to a Google Cloud Print Printer. To use these printers there are three ways you can print.
  1. You can use the Google Cloud Print web page to upload a file on your hard drive. The Google Cloud Print system will magically print your file to the printer you select. This option works with any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari,…).
  2. All Google enabled applications (Gmail and Google Docs), have a print function that can print to a Google Cloud Printer when you are using Google Chrome. You have to have Chrome for this option.
  3. You can print any web page from Google Chrome, but Chrome needs to be logged in with the Google account that was used to add the printers.

The instructions for each method are below.

How to Use Cloud Print to Print A File on Your Hard Drive

If the document/file you want to print is not a Google Document, you can print it by using the upload feature. Please be aware that printing Excel spreadsheets can be problematic. Printing Word, PDF files and images works perfectly.
  1. Go to the Google Cloud Print control page. Make sure you are logged in with the Google account you used when adding the printer.
  2. Click on the red Print link.Cloudprint4
  3.  You will be prompted to upload a file. Simply select the file to print, upload it, and that’s it!Cloudprint5


How to Cloud Print from a Google Application in Chrome

Printing from GMail, Google Docs or Google Drive is very simple.
  1. Open your document in Google Chrome.
  2. Find the print function in GMail or Google Docs.
  3. You will be presented with a Google print box and on the top left will be a button for the destination as shown below. If the default destination is not the printer you want, click the CHANGE buttonCloudprint2
  4. You will then see a list of printers that are accessible and at the bottom of the list will be a group of ‘Google Cloud Print’ printers. Assuming you added the printer correctly, you should see it listed. Simply click on it so your destination is that printer and then click PRINT.Cloudprint3


How to Print Any Web Page from Google Chrome

You can use Google Cloud print to print from any device (laptop, iPhone or Android device) that runs Google Chrome. Here are the steps:
  1. Start Google Chrome and make sure that Google Chrome is logged in with the Google account you used to add the printer.
  2. From the print dialog box simply select the cloud print printer.