Goodnow hosts “What’s It Worth?” fundraiser

Goodnow hosts “What’s It Worth?” fundraiser
Skinner, Trefler’s experts will assess valuables


Ever wonder if that family heirloom is the real deal? Think that yard sale bargain might be worth a lot more than you paid?

Want to know if anyone can mend your favorite vase?

You’ll get answers at the Goodnow Library on May 17, when “What’s It Worth?” brings in an antiques expert from the famed auction house Skinner, Inc. to examine your items and tell you whether you have treasure—or trash. Restoration experts from Trefler’s will also be on hand to discuss whether a valuable piece can be repaired or restored.

Participants may bring a maximum of two items to the event.

Those interested are urged to register early: only 60 time slots will be available.

Registration information is available online at Click on the event listing for May 17 , and choose morning or evening session.

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