Lemonade Stand Girls

Over the summer, two young local residents held a lemonade stand to raise money for a charity of their choice. When all was said and done their mom Jill asked them where they would like to donate the money raised. Both suggested their local library – the Goodnow Library! Sisters, and frequent library patrons, Celeste Caseria, 10, and Anabel Caseria, 8, made $47 in this first lemonade stand venture! But, they didn’t stop there. In September, with the help of two more friends and patrons, Rachel Kams, 10, and Abby Kams, 8, (also sisters), they held another endeavor in the lemonade business and raised more than $55! The girls delivered the money and then library staff got to work creating commemorative book plates and picking out new selections to purchase. The children’s department was able to purchase 11 new titles with the donations. Once everything was finalized the library invited the girls for a photo op with their new “lemonade stand” books.

The next time you’re checking out a new fiction title from Goodnow, be sure to open it up and see if you’ve gotten a lemonade stand book. Thank you again lemonade stand girls!

Categories: Children