Update on the timeline for the installation of the drive up book drop and paving of the library parking lot.

Update on the timeline for the installation of the drive up book drop and paving of the library parking lot.

August 12, 2015:

  • The parking lot will be paved on Friday, August 14. It will be unavailable all day Friday. 
  • We will not institute the planned reversed traffic flow until the parking lot has been striped, Please follow the traffic signs! 
  • We are expecting to receive the book (dvd, cd, etc.) drop any day now, and it will be installed as soon as possible. 

July 30, 2015:

Book Drop/Parking Lot Project Update

Thank you all, for your patience and flexibility while various parts of this project were carried out over the past two weeks. As of now, the majority of the preliminary work is complete. Still to come is the installation of the book drop (books, DVDs, CDs, and anything else you can currently return in our in-wall book drop will be accepted) and the resurfacing and striping of the parking lot. As you know, this will include the REVERSAL of the traffic pattern, and as such, all signage will be adjusted accordingly. While we do not know the exact date of the paving, we will have at least one day’s notice, which we will use to get the word out via every possible outlet to reduce inconvenience and confusion.


The Highway Department will begin its work on the project this Wednesday, July 22. Please note, there will be no access to the parking lot. You may park in the lot next door. We appreciate your patience.

At long last, the Library will be getting a drive-up drop for book & other materials. Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Goodnow Library, the Library will be installing a large, drive-through book return. This will allow patrons to return books, dvds, CDs, etc., at night from the safety of their car, or without having to unpack the kids from their booster seats.

However, in order to orient the return on the driver’s side and maintain the safety of our patrons and our staff, this involves reversing the direction of the library’s driveway. This is a big change to get used to and we want to put safety first! The current “Drop-off” spot at the top of the Library entrance will be converted into the drive-up book return lane. The good news is that this is a perfect opportunity for the town to resurface the aging parking lot. They will first resurface the existing lot, and then restripe the spaces so that the new traffic pattern will be accommodated, and the spaces will be angled correctly. We will not gain any parking spaces, but we will also not lose any parking spaces, and all traffic signs will also be moved accordingly. We are working hard to minimize confusion and maximize safety. The town’s rolling electric sign board will be out on Concord Road to remind you of the change, and we will add police details if necessary.

Please note, the drive-through materials return will be available only during times the library is closed. This is a work intensive service, which must be integrated into our current staffing patterns. If we feel we can accommodate the emptying of the materials return while open, we will revisit the policy.

You may contact Esmé Green, Library Director with any questions at 978-440-5515 or [email protected].

We deeply appreciate your patience through this BIG transition!


The Friends of the Library support the many services and programs at the Library that you may not be aware of. Through annual memberships and book sales, they provide the money for children’s programs, Teen Study Week, the museum pass program, and now the DRIVE UP BOOK RETURN. This is a big ticket item, costing approximately $7,500.

Thank you Friends!

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