Goodnow Library

How to Create a Library Card

To Begin:

Review the Goodnow Library’s Registration Policy. You must be 5 years old to get a library card. Children ages 5-9 MUST have a parent’s signature and the parent must present a valid ID (driver’s license). Children/Teens ages 10-17 must present some form of ID (school ID, official homework and the like are all acceptable). Adults must present a valid ID. Patrons can sign up for library cards at the circulation or children’s desk.

Have the patron fill out a Library Card Application and present valid ID. At the children’s desk, Library Card Applications are kept in the top drawer of the file cabinet under the children’s desk. At the circulation desk, everything you need to create a library card should be in the drawers attached to the desk.

Ask the patron if they would like a keychain card or a wallet card. At the children’s desk, blank cards are kept in drawer attached to the desk. If they choose a keychain card, write the barcode at the bottom of the application. If they choose a wallet card, add a barcode from the sheet of barcodes to the library card. Take the small sticker with the barcode number and put it in the “staff use only” section on the application. An example of a complete application is at the end of this document. If the patron chooses a wallet card, have them sign it and put a clear sticker over the signature so it does not smudge. In children’s the clear stickers are located in the plastic bin to the left of the bookshelf behind the children’s desk.

Give the new patron their new card and a welcome bag (located on top of the file cabinet in circulation and under the printer in children’s). Let the patron know they can use their card in a few minutes after you enter their information in our system. Click HERE to see an example of a completed library card application.

Creating the account in Sierra:

Scan or type in the new library card number.

  1. Enter an expiration date 5 years from the current day.
  2. Enter their town. Sudbury is default, but if they’re not from Sudbury, double click on the word “Sudbury” and a list of towns should come up. Select the correct town/city.
  3. Enter patron type. This should be the city/town the patron lives in. Again, if they do not live in Sudbury, double click the word “Sudbury” and choose the place they are from. If they live outside the Minuteman Network, list them as Non-MLN resident (42).
  4. Enter patron’s birthday Month – Day – Year.
  5. Enter patron agency. This should be Sudbury since they are signing up here.
  6. Enter name Last, First Middle. For example, Potter, Harry James.
  7. Enter address. Town defaults to Sudbury but you can edit this.
  8. Enter telephone number.
  9. Enter e-mail address.
  10. Enter your initials and SUD to indicate that the card was created at Goodnow.
  11. Review the information and click “save.”

Put the completed application in the top file cabinet drawer in the folder called “completed library card applications (children’s) or back in the drawer where you got the library card application (circulation).


Patron’s current address does not match their ID

Ask patron to bring in some kind of official mail (bill, etc) to confirm their current address. Enter the card’s expiration date as two weeks from the current date.

Parent not present when child wants to create a card

If the child is 10 or older and has some kind of ID, no problem. If the child younger, give the child a card that expires in two weeks. Send the child home with a copy of the library card application for the parent to sign. When the child brings in the signed application, change the expiration date to 5 years from the current day.

Child not present and adult wants to get a card for them

Card recipient must be present in order to receive a card.

Lost library card!

We replace library card with no fee. Adults need to present ID, children need to confirm their address, phone number, etc in order to receive a replacement card. To replace a card, search for the patron’s account using their name or phone number. You can search for them in the main screen by putting a “n” for name or “h” for address or phone number.




When you’re in the account, click “edit” over to the right to edit the patron’s barcode.

Highlight the barcode and delete it. Then click “insert” and “barcode” insert the new barcode and click “save.”

Library card expired

Library cards expire every 5 years to ensure that our information is up to date. Confirm all information with the patrons (address, phone number, e-mail). Make any changes and change the library card expiration date to 5 years from the current day.