The alarm: Monday-Saturday, the custodian is in early, so this is not an issue. On Sunday, the first person in must disarm the alarm. If you are working Sunday, please ask your supervisor for instructions.


Before your first shift, ask for relevant usernames and passwords


  • Press the message button on any circ desk phone, then press *.
  • Enter the box ID (5578#) and PIN (5578#).
    • Please let the appropriate department know if anyone has called in sick. If it’s a weekend, this may mean calling the appropriate department head at home. (See staff list.)


  • If the computer has been shut down completely, log into computers using username and passwords.
  • Staff stations: Click a Sierra icon, then USERNAME sudcirc, PASSWORD 4866sud
  • Open Gate Tracker on the left-hand station. No log in required.
  • Open Assabet Interactive on both stations.
  • Make sure receipt printers are on.


  • Retrieve cash and circulating devices from left desk drawers in the circ office. Supervisor will show you where the key is.
  • Turn on all non-taped light switches if they are not already on.
  • Using remote in cash drawer, switch on TV.
  • Empty drops and backdate material 1 day.
  • Change wall calendar if needed.


  • At Circ office computer, once Sierra is running, select “Clear Holdshelf” option.
  • Select only Sudbury at the top. “Clear” both the hold shelf and ComCat holds (generally there will be no ComCat holds listed).
  • When a list appears, click at the top of the column of patron names to sort alphabetically, then print.
  • Close as soon as the entire list prints. Leaving this incomplete may prevent other locations from running this list.



  • Turn on computers and printers at front desk, if necessary.
  • If the computer has been shut down completely, login.
  • Log in to Sierra.


  • Turn on all lights in public areas, in offices, near front desk, and near display case, as appropriate


  • Feed the fish, turn on the fish lights, and record that you fed them in the fish log.



Reference will be making announcements over the intercom at 20 minutes before closing, 10 minutes before closing, and at closing. It is also a good idea to walk around your area and reiterate this information to patrons.

The rover may help with any/all of these tasks.

½ hour before closing:

  • CIRC: Clear and lock book drop. (Saturday or any day before a day we are closed, pull out bin and cart).
  • CIRC: Lock Community Room’s kitchen door –unless a meeting is in progress. Turn off lights and lock Community Room side door – open if users ask to see exhibit.
  • CIRC: *Check/lock door to Friends area.

15 minutes before closing:

  • CIRC: Turn off light over display case
  • Return all money to cash drawer in circ office and lock drawer.

5-10 minutes before closing (depending on how many patrons are still in the library):

  • CIRC: Turn off most lights from wall panel.
  • CIRC: Lock meeting room side doors if meeting in progress.
  • CIRC: Knock on restroom doors, announce closing and turn off lights in bathrooms. (If meeting in progress, bathroom lights are left on.)
  • CIRC: Lock door from Fiction area to Hallway
  • CIRC: Turn down thermostat if needed

5 Minutes Before Closing:

  • Make sure back staircase is clear, tell remaining patrons that this is the last call to check out items!
  • JUV: turn off most lights, including fish tank and bathroom lights.  Close door to the Story & Craft Room.  Check that the patio door is firmly shut.  Check the back stairwell.

At closing time:

  • REF: Make final announcement
  • CIRC & JUV: Close CIRC computers down to desktop and turn off receipt printers.
  • CIRC: Turn off all lights (except bathroom area if meeting in progress)
  • JUV: turn off remaining lights (including restroom).
  • JUV: Close the main Children’s Room doors (between the children’s room and the lobby) and the children’s office door.

As Leaving Building:

  • Staff: Lock door to CIRC Office and closet in the office. Turn off the CIRC Office light and lock the door to the lobby.
  • Staff: Turn off all lights on lobby panel
  • Staff: Set the alarm if library is empty. If there is a meeting that is continuing after hours set the alarm for the Main Library, but not for the “Community” zone.
    • To Arm all partitions: Hold EXIT until it beeps. Enter code.
    • To Arm whole library except the Community Room: Hold AWAY until it beeps. Enter code.
  • If the alarm won’t activate/says “Failure to arm” and everything check out (check particularly the children’s patio door), do the following:
    • Press star
    • Press 1
    • Press > until you see on o in the lower right corner. This is the zone that is preventing it from arming
    • Press star again, and the o will turn to B & the ready light will come on.
    • Press # until you get back to the main screen, then arm system.